European Union doesn’t support the boycott of elections in FYR MAcedonia

European Union doesn’t support the boycott of elections in FYR MAcedonia

Skopje, February 17, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

European Parliament rapporteur on FYR Macedonia, Richard Howitt has declared from Skopje that the European Union (EU) doesn’t support the boycott of elections.

Speaking on the conference “Democracy, rule of law and freedom of media, the main criteria for progress toward the EU”, held in Skopje, Mr. Howitt has commented on the warnings of Albanian political parties for a potential boycott of presidential elections.

Albanian parties have warned that they will not participate in the elections if an accord is not reached on a consensual nominee for ethnic communities in FYR Macedonia.

Mr. Howitt responded to these warnings by saying that: “European Union and our parliamentary group in the European Parliament, never support the boycott of the elections. We’re asked as to what we think about the second round of presidential elections. This depends on the candidates who will be elected. I cannot say to political parties what they must and must not do, because I’m sure this would be used by domestic politics. This is a position that the Parliament and European Union do not want to take. But, when we say that we want all parties to participate in the elections, I hope that this message will be seriously taken”, declared the British MEP, Richard Howitt.

EP rapporteur, Howitt, held an official visit in Skopje to discuss with the authorities of the country over the latest political developments, the progress resolution of the country, which was passed a few days ago in the European Parliament and the expected visit of the Greek foreign minister and head of the EU presidency, Evangelos Venizelos. /ibna/