European Parliament Voted on A Resolution on the Situation in BiH and Rejected the Amendment of Doris Pack

European Parliament Voted on A Resolution on the Situation in BiH and Rejected the Amendment of Doris Pack


By Nevena Šarenac – Sarajevo

At today’s voting session, the European Parliament rejected the amendment proposed by Doris Pack, which asks for the suspension of BiH from the Council of Europe, the suspension of EU financial assistance from IPA funds and to suspend the application of the interim agreement on trade between BiH and the EU.

After Doris Pack’s amendment was rejected, the European Parliament adopted the earlier text of a resolution on the situation in BiH with eight more accompanying amendments.

Member of the European Parliament Doris Pack asked the European Parliament yesterday to propose to the Council of Europe the suspension of BIH from that institution, suspension of the Interim Agreement on trade and IPA funds for BiH, which amount to 108 million euros this year.

The reason for such a sharp attitude by a member of the European Parliament is the lack of progress in implementing the ruling in the “Sejdić-Finci” case and in the integration of BiH to the European Union.

Addressing the European Parliament, The Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule warned that BiH is not meeting its international obligations.

“We have to make it clear. This brings me to your report, to your proposal for a resolution and amendment to it. I am not going to debate whether one or two proposals are right, but do I agree if the time has come to sound the alarm when it comes to BiH?! Yes, that time has come!”, said Fule, among other things.

The Spokesperson for the Social Democrats in the European Parliament Emina Bozkurt said today, on the occasion of the voting for the resolution in the European Parliament on the progress of BiH, that she is satisfied that Doris Pack’s amendment was rejected.

“We fought with all our power and luckily, we succeeded to prevent the adoption of Doris Pack’s amendment, but with a small difference of only 27 votes’’, explained Bozkurt.

She did not want to support the call of Doris Pack to the Council of Europe to suspend BiH’s membership in that organization.

“Where are Mr. Sejdić and Mr. Finci supposed to go? I do not wish to cancel the path to justice at the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg for BiH citizens’’, said Bozkurt. She recalled that the implementation of “Sejdić-Finci” is key because all citizens should have basic civil rights.

“This is the minimum for democratic society. The leaders of BiH have to guarantee them that and they have to agree. Until now, there have been many missed deadlines. This is why there is no progress in BiH towards the European Union. In the meantime, citizens of BIH are the ones who are suffering due to unemployment and the lack of basic rights’’, said Bozkurt.

She believes that European Parliamentarians have an obligation towards the Western Balkans, and the events in BiH affect the entire region. “How can we ensure the sustainability and stability of the region if we leave BiH? Without BiH, all of Europe remains incomplete’’, said Emina Bozkurt, among other things.

European Parliamentarian Jelko Kacin thinks that, even if Doris Pack’s amendment was rejected, this does not mean that BiH has achieved victory in this case.

“Such an amendment would be extremely counterproductive because I think that BiH has to encourage the implementation of reform towards further progress’’, explained Kacin.

He proposed to BiH politicians to stop politicking and start acting like states people.

“This amendment is insane, but it is also a sharp ‘warning before shutdown’ that BiH politicians have to seriously take into consideration and discuss their work’’, he said.