European Commission: Realistic target the first disbursement from the ESM before August 20

European Commission: Realistic target the first disbursement from the ESM before August 20

Athens, August 5, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

As “ambitious” but “realistic” describes the European Commission the target to release the first disbursement made under the new program by the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) before August 20.

The deputy spokesperson of the Commission, Mina Andreeva, expressed  the European Commission’s satisfaction for the progress of negotiations so far.

“We are moving in the right direction and the intensive work continues”, she said, and spoke of a “constructive cooperation with the Greek authorities”, which allowing for “rapid” progress.

Finally, he noted that if all parties honour the commitments arising from the agreement of July 12, the completion of the negotiations may be in time to repay the ECB on August 20 fom the first disbursement under the new program by the ESM .

Gerovasili: “What do we do for the country to stay standing – Agreement until the 18th of the month”

“If what was agreed at the Summit is honoured I think until the 18th of the month we will have an agreement”, said the government spokeswoman Olga Gerovasilis in an interview on SKAI television, where she spoke about the negotiations, the possibility of elections and the change in the electoral Law with the abolition of the 50-seat bonus to the first party.

Referring to the negotiation, and to the question whether the government has enough time to close the deal, the government spokeswoman said that on Tuesday is completed the first phase of the negotiation and starts the second, which has the details of the pension scheme. Specifically, regarding this second stage she stated that “from tomorrow starts the process, writing it down in detail”.

“I believe that if both parties honour what is being expressed at every turn, both by us but not only. If what was agreed at the Summit is honoured I think until the 18th of the month we will have an agreement”, Gerovasili said, noting that “on our part there is no way we won’t fulfill the commitments we have undertaken”.

“You realize that we have entered a tough process. We have made hard choices, in order for the country to avoid the worse and we are determined to ‘run’ the deal as fast as possible. Of course, through hard negotiations, which continues daily until the last minute”, said the government spokeswoman.

To the question if there is a matter of new prerequisites or a bridge loan, government spokeswoman noted that “so far, throughout the negotiation period, we haven’t been going in the most orderly manner. We are used to the fact that the closer we get to a final moment of this phase, the more the pressures accentuate, thus changing the landscape. That is what we have seen so far”.

Gerovasili reiterated that the matter of the agreement is not an issue that just concerns Greece, but the another side as well. It is a matter amid associations in the EU, for which there are conflicting views within the EU beyond Greece. “We see the institutions disagreeing, colliding with each other and this is where the countries intervene”, added the government spokeswoman. The question is not whether the government fears that some may undermine this effort she said: “it is clear that this is the case, that there are some who undermine such efforts”.

When asked about a Grexit, Gerovasili said that this chapter was not and never has been on the government’s intentions. “There was a huge communicative war lately, which comes from abroad. There are interlocutors from within with some from abroad, who want to avoid a deal in Greece”, Gerovasili stressed, while to the question on the different views within SYRIZA she said: “In our party there is an ideological point of view, a political view, which also existed previously, however, this was not the one that affected the policy of SYRIZA nor how we came to this point”. She also added that “it is one thing to have a political perspective that it is to the benefit of Greece to be outside the European Union and to formulate this publicly and to discuss it, and it is completely different to undermine”.

She even spoke of “cycles of powerful interests that want the country outside the EU for economic reasons. Something that undermines the effort”.