“Europe in a day”: A Europe Day celebration for everyone

“Europe in a day”: A Europe Day celebration for everyone

A unique experience on the occasion of Europe Day awaits all visitors to Acropolis Park, in Strovolos on Saturday 13 May 2017 from 4:00 untill 7:00 in the afternoon.

The European Parliament Information Office in Cyprus, the Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus and the Press and Information Office of the Republic of Cyprus invite people of all ages, for yet another year, to join them for a journey around Europe in a day. Embassies of EU countries will be providing information about their countries and offering a taste of their cuisine, while other competent bodies will be informing on EU funding, employment and education programmes.

A live link by Love FM with popular presenters Tasos Tryfonos and Christiana Artemiou, as well as dance and music performances by «Cyprus Loves Zumba», the dance school of Antigoni Tasouri and the Music Lyseum of Limassol will be joining in.

Moreover, a specially designed space with fun activities for children, a charity bazar, delicious delicacies and many surprises promise a pleasant and creative afternoon for all.

Europe Day is celebrated every year on 9 May across the European Union, marking the anniversary of the historic speech made in Paris on 9 May 1950 by the then French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman, who proposed a new form of political cooperation in Europe that would prevent any possibility of war between European nations. His proposal is considered the beginning of what is now the European Union and gives the opportunity to remember and celebrate the ideas and values on which the EU is based and all that unites us as European citizens.

This year’s Europe Day event in Cyprus is taking place with the support of Strovolos Municipality and is open to the public./IBNA