OP/ED:Europe must face reality

OP/ED:Europe must face reality

Athens, March 23, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

When you try to hide the problem under the carpet it will become an obstacle and you will stumble. This is the approach of Europe towards the refugee crisis, terrorism and the causes that created them, to do nothing but covering up problems, keeping balances to not break the already fragmented relations between EU member states, resulting in the magnification of the problem.

The Western world, never approached the East. It never saw, never understood, it did not bother to learn to understand the “different”, which is expressed through religion, culture, codes of honor that operate in places like the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans, etc.

The logic of the conqueror, the exploiter, the superior – however hard they tried to prettify it through words like equality, democracy, egalitarianism – never left the practice of Europeans towards others. Not many years have passed since the participation of European countries in the bloodshed in the Balkans.

The look cast by the Europeans at these countries is the look of the bad investor. In past years, capitalism was designed to raise the standard of living of the population, to turn them over time into consumers, bringing gains. Today gain is what comes first. No one is really bothered with the people any more. The natural resources are the only thing of interest in any country that makes the mistake of having such sources.

Europe unfortunately continues to make the same mistakes it made from the 15th to the 20th century. Nothing has changed in the European logic, while xenophobia, racism, the extreme right and whatever they involve seem to remain deeply rooted in Europe and are finding a way out again now.

The imperialistic capitalism of Europe and the wars it created armed the hands of fanatics and has brought the war not to its door, but within Europe itself. Barbarian hordes are no longer needed to sack Rome, a few fanatic extremist terrorists are enough to cause what whole armies cannot.

Fear now is widespread. The free movement and open borders soon will be a distant memory. Several thousand refugees were the cause to build walls in many European countries’ borders. Imagine what will happen now after the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Europe will now live ghettoized. Borders will be closed, the countries will become isolated, fear will prevail. The world has changed since September 11, 2001, but no one understood it to see things differently. The force of arms is not capable of stopping the blind fanaticism and terrorism.

Europe invested in profit in those countries and not in education, culture, cooperation and equality. The closed borders, the fences that are being erected, will not stop terrorism. Moreover, terrorists did not come from far away. They lived and still live among the Europeans. They live next door.

Europe, even at the last moment, should assume its responsibility and change its logic. Violence brings violence and nothing else.