EULEX in Kosovo until 2018

EULEX in Kosovo until 2018

Pristina, 10 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

In today’s meeting, the government of Kosovo has backed the extension of the European Union Rule of Law Mission’s mandate for another two years.

The extension of EULEX’s mandate has been backed by ministers, thus approving the necessary bill which will be sent to parliament for voting.

Weeks ago it was announced that authorities in Pristina and EU authorities are now in the final stage of talks for the continuation of the mandate of the mission in question.

Based on the agreement entered two years ago, this mission should have left Kosovo on 16 June of this year.

Prime Minister of Kosovo has admitted that institutions of Kosovo do not have the necessary capacities to handle particular situations.

EULEX is the biggest mission of the European Union in the country. Besides particular executive powers in the domain of justice, this mission mainly handles advising, monitoring and mentoring Kosovo’s institutions in the domain of the rule of law.

EULEX has handled the investigation of several high profile cases relating to organized crime and corruption in Kosovo. /