EULEX: Investigation on Dehari’s case was professional

EULEX: Investigation on Dehari’s case was professional

EU Mission for the Rule of Law in Kosovo says that the investigations and the autopsy carried out as part of the investigation on the death of the opposition activist, Astrit Dehari, have been carried out accurately and professionally.

“As part of its mandate, EULEX monitored this case and believes that the investigation and the autopsy have been carried out accurately, professionally and in compliance with the best European practices, investigating all possible leads”, EULEX says.

EULEX also says that in spite of the extraordinary circumstances, institutions of Kosovo have discovered that Astrit had been in his cell when the death occurred.

Meanwhile, opposition party, Self Determination has reacted on what EULEX has said on this case.

According to Self Determination, the institutions of Kosovo were the ones to cast suspicions on the death of this activist. Self Determination said that the investigations on this case have not been credible. /