EULEX indicts ambassador of Kosovo to Albania on counts of war crimes

EULEX indicts ambassador of Kosovo to Albania on counts of war crimes

Pristina, November 8, 2013

European Union Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) has officially filed an indictment on counts of war crimes and on several other serious crimes against the ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to Albania, Sylejman Selimi, former commander of the General Staff of KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army).

The indictment was filed today (Friday) by EULEX Prosecutor, Maurizio Salustro, reports for, the correspondent in Pristina.

Along with Selimi, also subject to the indictment are 12 other persons, former fellow fighters of Selimi, part of the so called “Drenica Group”.

They are Zeqir Demaku, Fadil Demaku, Nexhat Demaku, Bashkim Demaj, Driton Demaj, Selman Demaj, Agim Demaj, Ismet Haxha and Sabit Geci, all accused of war crimes.

The international prosecutor from the Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (KSPO) informed on Friday that he has filed an indictment against fifteen defendants at the Mitrovica Basic Court.

The defendants are charged with the criminal offense of war crimes against civilian population, including torture, mistreatment of prisoners and murder, allegedly committed in a KLA detention center in Likovac in 1998.

The indictment accuses Sami Lushtaku, Sabit Geci and Sahit Jashari for murder, while the others are accused of torture.

From his detention cell, Sami Lushtaku has raced for mayor of Skenderaj and has been elected with 90% of the votes. /ibna/