EULEX: We did a good job with Kosovo Police and KFOR

EULEX: We did a good job with Kosovo Police and KFOR

Pristina, November 18, 2013

After voting was repeated in three poll centers in the north of Mitrovica, EULEX has declared that it’s satisfied with the electoral process. EULEX has declared in a press statement that Police of Kosovo, EULEX and KFOR have fulfilled their mission in an efficient way.

“I’m very happy that yesterday’s voting went well, without incidents and by guaranteeing to citizens their democratic right to vote. Cooperation between EULEX, Police of Kosovo, KFOR and OSCE was excellent”, said the chief of EULEX Mission to Kosovo, Bernd Borschardt.

Mr. Borschard has commended police, KFOR and EULEX for the elections.

“They have acted in an efficient way to guarantee the safety of voters, of the members of polling centers commissions and OSCE observers. Police of Kosovo, KFOR and EULEX have guaranteed a safe environment and freedom of movement for all the citizens of Kosovo”, states the press release of EULEX. /ibna/