EULEX denies accusations of corruption

EULEX denies accusations of corruption

Pristina, October 30, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

European mission for the rule of law, EULEX, has denied accusations reported in the media for the involvement of the officials of this mission in corruption affairs. The head of this mission, Gabrielle Meucci, says that the mission is working in line with the laws in force.

“EULEX is working based on the laws of Kosovo and is determined to fight corruption”, declared Meucci.

During a news conference delivered today, Meucci said that prosecutor Maria Bamieh has been suspended, but he didn’t say that she’s being prosecuted.

“We assure every citizen that we’re working according to the law. We’re interested and we’re working in order to fight corruption. We don’t want to comment the investigations”, said he, by offering explanations on the denouncements made against prosecutor Barmieh.

Meucci said that even the journalists who have published articles on the presence of corruption within EULEX, have not been prosecuted.

Allegations have been made by the media in the past few days about the involvement of senior officials of EULEX in a corruption scandal. This has also been confirmed by EU itself, which has launched investigations.

Head of the EULEX justice department, Silvio Bonfigli said that he has all the evidence that proved the fact that chief EULEX prosecutor, Jaroslava Novotna and former head of the Assembly of Judges of this Mission, Francesco Flori, communicated with different middle men. /ibna/