EULEX continues to preserve several executive powers

EULEX continues to preserve several executive powers

Pristina, 21 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

European Mission for the Rule of Law in Kosovo, EULEX, has explained the powers that it has with the new mandate that it has received.

According to EULEX, in partnership with Kosovo’s authorities, EULEX will continue to gradually hand over its activities on domestic institutions and other EU actors.

In the next two years, EULEX says that it will help Kosovo, judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies to progress and to further develop the independent multi-ethnic justice system, police and customs system.

According to the mission, this insures other institutions to be free “of political interventions and to comply with international standards and the best European practices”.

But, EULEX says that it will continue to preserve several executive powers. The mission says that it will continue to handle selected criminal cases.

“Besides the executive function, this mission will offer support for constitutional and criminal cases and will handle selected criminal cases. At the same time, EULEX’s cases will be constantly reevaluated in order for these cases to be requalified as joint cases, further engaging Kosovo authorities of the justice system and prosecution, in order for the capacities of these authorities to be built up”.

“In principle, all criminal cases and new criminal cases will be handled by authorities of Kosovo with judges from Kosovo. In extraordinary circumstances alone, an EULEX prosecutor or judges can be appointed”, EULEX said.

EULEX mission was created in 2008. Its mandate had to expire in mid June, but now the mandate has extended until June 2018. /