EU and Russia can act as catalysts in the Cyprus problem

EU and Russia can act as catalysts in the Cyprus problem

Nicosia,  May 25, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Pandelis Diomidous of MAXHnews

Indications of differentiation from Eroglu left on the negotiations table, at a negotiators level, the new Turkish Cypriot leadership, a fact that does not say much, since it refers to the three “easier” chapters of the Cyprus problem.

“It is early to have a clear picture before knowing the positions and endorsements of the new leadership of the Turkish Cypriots in the chapters of land, property and guarantees”, explain to MAXHnews a member of the negotiating team.

EU can play a critical role

Among the rabble of information the leaks daily in view of the new meeting betweem Anastasiades and Akinci next Thursday, what is particularly important is the positive predisposition of the T/C side to the view that the EU has both a say and a role to play during the negotiations.

Strengthened by this development, the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus and Nicos Anastasiades arranged for the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to visit Cyprus next July. His official visit to Cyprus is considered to be particularly decisive for the developments as government sources consider that the increased/enhanced role of the EU in the new process, which is underway, has been established.

Change of scenery

Government sources with knowledge of the discussion the two men had in Riga, confirmed that as things stand and if there are no dramatic changes, we will move to the new era of the Cyprus problem that will have as its main pillar the active involvement of the European community.

A development that naturally satisfies everyone in Nicosia, since it answers to the timeless request for a solution, which other than fair and sustainable, will reflect the European principles and values ​​that benefit all the peoples of Europe.

As to the time, but mostly the way the EU will become involved in the process, there is not a clear answer yet, but government sources did not exclude this to be translated in a manner and procedure that corresponds to the position of Anastasiades, as it was expressed during the leadership era of Dervis Eroglu, for the establishment and operation of a Technical Committee which will be chaired by a European envoy.

In fact, at the time as an example had been used the name of Van Nuvel, who had been appointed as an EU envoy.


Any EU engagement in the process of negotiations will pave the way, according to political analysts, for the very important chapter of guarantees and the need for them to be lifted.

Reportedly, there have already been discussions behind the scenes for the role of the community following a possible solution, which translates into a mechanism to guarantee the implementation of those agreed upon and those that will be implemented, thus leaving outside the guarantees of Turkey for the alleged safety of the Turkish-Cypriots.

According to diplomatic information, the re-examination of the issue is associated with the positions and views of Akinci, who in any case, at least before the elections had stressed that the outdated Guarantee mechanism should change.

Russia enters the game

From the frame of the development one cannot, however, exclude the Russian Federation. On every occasion the ambassador of the Eastern superpower in the Republic of Cyprus sends messages of readiness and determination of his country to assist in the new procedure, saying that Russia will not agree and will repel any attempts of imposing a solution from the outside.

Indicative of this is yesterday’s meeting with the President of DISY Averof Neophytou.

The Russian Ambassador in Nicosia Stanislav Osatsi, immediately after the meeting, expressed the hope that “the two communities in Cyprus find a solution to the Cyprus issue as soon as possible”.

He also said that Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council is always willing to help if needed to solve the Cyprus problem.

According to information of MAXHnews, the Russian Federation made it known to Nicosia, due to the latter’s firm stance on the issue of Ukraine, that in this new round of negotiations it will back the Republic of Cyrpus in its very fair positions and concerns. Indeed, President Putin reportedly assured Anastasiades that when the time comes, he will take advantage of the very good relations with the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to exert his influence so that Ankara contributes to a definitive solution of the problem.

The Ambassador’s warning

Osatsi also said that with Neophytou they also discussed bilateral relations, which are on the rise, as he said, and noted that the Cyprus problem is at a decisive stage now and Cyprus still has a long way to go.

“This road will not be easy, this path is called a settlement, there will be obstacles, we hope that these obstacles will be fewer and need be we are willing to help overcome them”, he added.

And of course, he said, “as members of the Security Council and as Russia having in mind our good bilateral relations, we are always willing to help if needed in the solution of the Cyprus problem”.

I really wish this thing be done because, Osatsi said, “I am the only diplomat who has followed the coup and the invasion as a young diplomat and am now here in Cyprus as an ambassador and I hope that I will also witness the resolution of the Cyprus problem. This is the wish of my heart and I wish all the people of Cyprus and the two communities to find this solution as soon as possible”.