EU recommendations on the future elections in Kosovo

EU recommendations on the future elections in Kosovo

The EU Election Observation Mission in Kosovo (EU EOM) presented today the final report on the June 11 legislative elections.

The report contains an evaluation of the electoral process and offers 26 recommendations for the improvement of future elections in Kosovo.

The mission was led by the head of this mission, Alojz Peterle, member of the European Parliament from Slovenia.

The final report of EU EOM reflects the findings of the preliminary declaration, stating that the elections were competitive in most of Kosovo, but there must be political will to address the old weaknesses and the problems of intimidation in Serb majority areas in Kosovo.

Stresing the need to address the issue of intimidation, Peterle called for action by authorities saying that “voters from all communities deserve a free and democratic process”.

Peterle also said that there’s a need for political will from all political parties to address long-term recommendations, which include the improvement of the voters’ lists, more scrutiny over electoral expenses, improvements in the voting system outside of Kosovo, the improvement of the mechanism of electoral complaints and also a greater participation of women in the electoral process. /