EU reacts after the protests in Pristina

EU reacts after the protests in Pristina

Pristina, January 28, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

European Union Office in Kosovo has considered the violence seen yesterday in the streets and squares of Pristina during the violence that was accompanied with clashes between protesters and police, as unacceptable.

This office says that it has followed Tuesday’s protests with great concern.

“Peaceful protesting is a democratic and fundamental civil right. It’s a democratic way through which citizens send messages to their political leaders.”

“Violence is unacceptable: it’s always damaging for the cause of the action and endangers democratic environment. This is why it’s in the best interest of those who organize demonstrations and those who demonstrate to distance themselves from violence and avoid it in such rallies”, reads the statement issued by the EU office in Kosovo.

But, the EU says that these massive protests like Tuesday’s and Saturday’s “are also a sign of the frustration of the citizens over the situation in Kosovo”.

“Very often, the same causes are pushing people to seek jobs abroad and fall victims of illegal migration. Demonstrations serve the purpose of sending a message and perhaps, awaken political institutions. But the streets are not the way to find a solution and ultimatums even less”, reads the statement.

“As in every democratic society, solutions must be found through political dialogue in political institutions, through social dialogue between social partners and open dialogue of authorities with society”.

“Kosovo needs to find a common language to act toward economic development and rule of law. We encourage political leaders of both camps, coalition and opposition, to join forces in offering answers to people’s hopes. The best place for this is parliament”, says the EU Office. /ibna/