EU reacts following latest political developments in Albania

EU reacts following latest political developments in Albania

The Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Maja Kocijancic has reacted following recent political developments in Albania, where the president Ilir Meta has announced the cancellation of June 30 local elections, arguing his decision with the boycott of these elections by the country’s opposition.

“We are following the developments. This is a matter for the Albanian institutions to address in line with the existing legislation and jurisprudence, in full respect of Constitutional and democratic principles”, Kocijancic said.

Meanwhile, the EU spokesperson also commented the decision of the Albanian opposition to relinquish parliamentary mandates nearly four months ago.

“As already stated, we consider that the decision to relinquish parliamentary mandates and not to participate in local elections seriously hinder the functioning of democracy in Albania. This has been a deliberate choice of the opposition parties. The opposition representatives have been replaced in the Parliament, which is fully functioning. It is now essential to preserve the constitutional right of the Albanian citizens to vote in the local elections and to ensure continuity of local government”.

The EU has called on political sides to engage in dialogue.

“We reiterate our call on all sides to urgently engage in a constructive dialogue to overcome the current political situation”, Kocijancic declared. /ibna/