In EU Parliament the issue of German reparations

In EU Parliament the issue of German reparations


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

To the importance of the participation of German MEPs and political forces in the fight for raising the issue of German reparations to Greece stood Manolis Glezos at the beginning of the interview he gave to the European Parliament, together with the head of the Eurogroup of European Left Party Gabi Zimmer.

As he said: “It’s a symbolic day because the issue from Greek becomes European. I want to emphasise more on the side of the form the struggle takes. It no longer is greek but greek-german. The German people are not accountable for what happened, but the Third Reich. When I hear German Officials apologising I wonder why they do it. We do not identify them with the Third Reich, we just ask and ask the restoration of the common law”.

On her part, Gabi Zimmer announced the decision of the German Left (Die Linke), to raise the issue in the public political debate in Germany. “It is absolutely necessary – Zimmer stresses- in today’s reunified Germany to speak again about it in connection with the crisis, and with respect send the message that we want to respect each other. The Die Linke decided to include on the agenda the issue of reparations and compensation. We cannot avoid it.

It is more important as a step than the figures to be discussed. It is important to take the decision, and to approach each other with respect”.