EU and NATO must act quickly for the integration of the region, says president of Kosovo

EU and NATO must act quickly for the integration of the region, says president of Kosovo

Pristina, 24 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci has declared that the delays in the process of integration of the countries of the region in the EU and NATO are not only a vacuum, but also a danger for the region, EU and NATO, as other ideologies are approaching in the region.

“Other ideologies form other continents with other agendas for the world, are trying to penetrate in our region. They are trying to fill the vacuum caused by the delays of the expansion of the EU and NATO. This is why it is crucial for our region, but for the EU and NATO as well not to have delays in the integration of the region”, Thaci said.

Thaci made these comments during the proceedings of a seminar of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, which is being held in Pristina.

Thaci said that he doesn’t agree with the condition imposed by the EU to vote the demarcation agreement in order for the liberalization of visas to be approved, as according to him, even the EU countries have not fixed the issue of borders.

Meanwhile, US ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawie declared that NATO will not leave Kosovo as the country doesn’t yet have any capacities to protect itself.

He said that KFOR has been successful in Kosovo, but its job is not complete yet. Delawie added that it is important to support the transformation of Kosovo Security Force into an army.

Meanwhile, KFOR commander, Giovanni Fungo has declared that besides contributing for a safe environment for all the citizens, KFOR’s mission is also to help in creating better capacities in the country.

“The situation with security in Kosovo has improved dramatically”, he said. /