“Eternal students” to be expelled in their thousands from Greek universities

“Eternal students” to be expelled in their thousands from Greek universities

By Lefteris Yallouros – Athens

The Ministry of Education announced 180,000 students that have failed to complete their studies for many years (so called “eternal students”) are facing expulsion from Greek universities.

According to the Minister of Education, Andreas Loverdos, the relevant legislation would be implemented in the new academic year starting in September.

Students who have enrolled on university courses but never show up to classes is a unique phenomenon witnessed only in Greek higher education institutions compared to the rest of Europe.

Mr. Loverdos explained that “since 2007 and 2011, university students who have not completed their studies while remaining registered at the institutions have been notified that they will be expelled in September 2014”. The Minister of Education claimed that the institutions have carried out additional examination periods in order to cover the needs of said students.

According to the data gathered, about 180,000 university students did not seize the opportunity given to them and did not complete their studies, the ministry says.

“Eternal students” have a lesser impact on newer university departments, while courses not requiring laboratories and other specialist equipment are not burdened financially.

However, the decision to implement the legislation will likely cause fierce reactions amongst students and the higher education institutions.