Has Erdogan’s successor been already appointed? Who is Numan Kurtulmus?

Has Erdogan’s successor been already appointed? Who is Numan Kurtulmus?


By Manolis Kostidis

Numan Kurtulmus, has been “photographed” as the successor of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the leadership of the Party of Justice and Development. The Turkish press has noted “how Kurtulmus will become prime minister if Erdogan switches to the presidency of Turkey”.

Evidence of how highly Erdogan regards him and the high esteem he launches towards him, is that although he joined the Justice and Development Party just a year ago, he was present at the official talks between Turkish Prime Minister and Barack Obama. Also in all Erdogan’s travels he was beside him. The newspaper in favour of the government, Zaman, has already designated him as successor. A columnist of the newspaper Hussein Gkioulertze , said decisions have already been taken.

At the same time, a similar statement was made by the president of the main opposition, the Republican People’s Party, with Kemal Kilicdaroglu stressing that ” Kurtulmus is Erdogan’s successor ”

Kourtulmus is also a “political child” of islamist, Necmettin Erbakan, like Erdogan. Erbakan is the one who has brought the concept of political islam in Turkey.

However, when the Turkish prime minister founded the AKP in 2001 he had not followed him. Later he founded the Has Partı (Party of the Voice of the People), which represented a modernized form of the islamic party.

The 54 year old Kurtulmus holds a Masters Degree from the U.S. and had an academic career for three years there. He has also taught at Cornell University in USA. He has also followed an academic career in the University of Istanbul.

In 2012 he decided to close the party, which he had founded in 2010 and joined with his political friends the AKP with Erdogan immediately appointing him vice president of the Party! And a few months after that, he sat at the same meeting table with Obama and Erdogan.

The Turkish prime minister, who returned from the U.S., denied these scenarios and said “these are imaginary scenarios. Our Party has the appropriate bodies that will reach the decision for what is to be done. We have not decided on something yet. ”

However, the presence of Kurtulmus next to Erdogan is increasingly common.