Erdogan: ‘We will combat ISIS as well as Assad’

Erdogan: ‘We will combat ISIS as well as Assad’


By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan still keeps  a questionable attitude regarding his plans on fighting the jihadists in Syria. The Turkish president in his speech at the opening session of the Parliament stated that “Turkey will fight the Islamic state, as well as other terrorist organizations”. This detail conceals much, as Ankara considers PKK a terrorist organization. Many Kurdish rebels, however are fighting against ISIS.

Erdogan also made it ​​clear that Turkey’s priority is to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian territorial integrity. Assad’s forces in recent weeks have conducted airstrikes against jihadist positions.

The proposal submitted by the Davutoglu government to Parliament, which is expected to be passed by Friday, will enable the government to command the armed forces to invade the territories of Syria, if there is a threat, as it also allows the passage of foreign military forces through the country.

The Turkish armed forces have already set the plan to create a buffer zone inside Syria for hosting refugees, but are waiting for other countries to contribute to this effort. According to information, the buffer zone will not include the territories controlled by the ISIS or by Kurds of the PYD, which is an offshoot of the PKK.

However, this Saturday starts the religious celebration of the Muslim Bayram, which will last until next Tuesday. During this time, it any form of intervention is considered unlikely. Erdogan would not want to show that the Muslim forces of Turkey, fight against the Muslims of ISIS!

The Kurds eye Turkey’s intensions suspiciously

Τhe Kurdish politician Sabri Ok, who is one of the most important members of the kurdish movement and has taken part in all negotiations with Turkey to resolve the Kurdish issue, casts blame on Ankara’s stance against jihadists.

“Turkey follows a sly and dirty policy. On the one hand they want to help ISIS to fight and eliminate the kurdish armed forces, on the other hand, thinking that the Kurds will be forced to leave their homes, has opened its borders. The aim of Turkey is to evacuate the city Kobani and then create a zone inside Syria on the pretext of humanitarian assistance”.

ISIS on the gates of Kobani

The jihadists of the Islamic State are just 3km away from Kobani, the third largest kurdish city in Syria. The Kurds are fighting fiercely, but the air strikes of the U.S. do not seem to stop ISIS march.

The fighting has caused a mass exodus of the population, with at least 160,000 people having crossed the borders, since mid-September, to seek refuge in Turkey.

If Kobani falls in the hands of the jihadists, they will control an important area on the border with Turkey, which will then officially border with the “Taliban of the Middle East”, as they are called by the turkish opposition press.

ISIS has reduced its loses from the air strikes

Eyewitnesses say that the militants of ISIS have adapted to the air strikes and have taken the appropriate steps to have the fewest possible losses.

As such, they do not photograph anything, have stopped talking on mobile phones and have reduced the roadblocks. The armed forces of the jihadist are scattered, so that they will not be easily detected by the unmanned aircrafts.