Erdogan to the Turkish-Cypriots: 'Increase your population'

Erdogan to the Turkish-Cypriots: 'Increase your population'
The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with the current Prime minister of the northern part of Cyprus, Τufan Erhurman and the minister for Foreign Affairs, Kudret Ozersay. Erdogan appears to have suggested the increase of the Turkish-Cypriot population so that they would level the number of the Greek-Cypriots.

Aksam newspaper reads that the Turkish head recommended they go after further financial development, something that could be reached through population increase.

It was reported that Erdogan told the two politicians that "levelling the 'achievements' of Cyprus will benefit the Turkish-Cypriots. Referring to those Turkish-Cypriots living abroad, Turkey's leader said that "they could either invest in the country or move to the country", noting that Turkey supports this, but "the population needs to become greater".

Regarding natural gas searches in connection with the Turkish-Cypriots, Erdogan stressed that "their rights will be protected until the end. The Greek-Cypriots should 'play the game' with the Turkish-Cypriots. Nothing other than this will be accepted.".../IBNA

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