Erdogan threatens with second Referendum on EU accession

Erdogan threatens with second Referendum on EU accession


Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan has expressed his intention to hold a second referendum after that of April 16th. The Turkish President in the election speech in the city of Antalya said that this time the people will be asked if accession negotiations with the EU should continue.

“Now we face the referendum of April 16 but after that we could choose to have a second one concerning the accession negotiations with the EU and we would comply with any decision our people wanted”, said the Turkish president in a pre-election speech in Antalya.

He essentially demonstrated Ankara’s intentions and said in his address to the crowd: “What do we hear? That if the “yes” prevails in the referendum, the European Union will not accept us. If they could just make such a decision. This would facilitate our work.”

In another campaign speech in Istanbul, the Turkish president protested about the ceremony held in Rome for the 60 year anniversary of the EU and spoke of “Crusaders”.

“The members of the EU gathered in the Vatican. What happened why did you all gather around the Pope. Since when was the Pope a member of the EU. At last the “Alliance of the Crusaders” ha been revealed. You did not make Turkey a member because Turkey is a Muslim country”.

Within this political climate, the Turkish vice president Veysi Kaynak argued that a new wave of refugees is coming from Iran to Turkey. “We note that there is a new wave of refugees from Iran. We are talking about approximately three million people most are Afghans and are preparing to come to our country. ”

Kaynak said that Turkey will have to renegotiate the agreement with the EU on migration “as they are not sticking to agreements and we will therefore have to change the terms,” ​​he said.

Tension was caused between Switzerland and Turkey, as the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Swiss charge d’affairs in Ankara to provide explanations about the protest which took place in Bern in favour of a “no” in the referendum to be held in Turkey.

What irritated Ankara the most was that most of the protesters were holding PKK banners. In addition to that a banner held by protesters portrayed the Turkish president with a gun to his temple and the slogan “kill Erdogan”. On Sunday evening the Swiss ambassador was also called to the Foreign Ministry for the same reason after just arriving in the Turkish capital following a trip.

The crisis with Norway seems to be continuing following the country’s asylum service accepting the requests of four Turkish officers and of the Turkish military attaché, for political asylum. Ankara complained about this decision since all five are accused of relations with the Islamic Gulen movement which Turkey says has planned the attempted coup of July 15.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that “the examination of such requests is not in our competence. According to the laws of Norway such decisions are taken by the Asylum Service”.

ELLE Magazine deemed inappropriate

Meanwhile following a decision published in Turkey’s Official Gazette it was announced that the Turkish version of the famous women’s magazine ELLE was deemed inappropriate for minors. The committee in charge of judging “inappropriate publications” decided to impose some restrictions.

Under these restrictions “adults only” should be clearly stated on the cover of the magazine. Also the magazine could not be promoted in order to increase sales and it cannot be sold at visible point at the newsagent!

The committee says the decision was taken after discussing the text and pictures of the March issue!/IBNA