Erdogan: The U.S. trial is an attempt of a political coup

Erdogan: The U.S. trial is an attempt of a political coup

Lately, the Turkish government has opened up to EU countries but relations with the United States are not showing signs of improvement; on the contrary, each day they become worse. A recent example is Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statement that accused the U.S. of organising a political coup against him.

Speaking to the AKP Parliamentary Group, Turkey's president said that "the trial currently taking place in the U.S., of the Turkish businessman Reza Zarrab, is a CIA, FBI and FETO (Gulen) operation that will be unsuccessful. "Erdogan said that the trial is an attempted coup with political content."

These statements are seen as indicative of the disagreements between Ankara and Washington. The main issue of the disagreement is the presence of Fethullah Gulen in the United States, whom Erdogan blames as the organiser of the attempted coup against him (July 2016). At the same time, Turkey is against the military aid that U.S. is providing the Kurds of Syria with in order to fight ISIS, as it considers them a PKK branch. Last but not least, the two sides disagree on the condemning decision against the director of the Turkish state bank Halbank, Hakan Atılla, in the United States, who was convicted of violating the embargo against Iran. The Turkish president considers this trial a conspiracy against him.

Whatever the situation is between Turkey and the U.S., the former is on good terms with the EU. Erdogan's visit to Greece and France, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Germany, as well as today's visit to Ankara, by the Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovıc, who met with the Turkish president, show Turkey is seeking the gains of a rapprochement with the countries of Europe.../IBNA

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