Erdogan spoke about the borders of his heart

Erdogan spoke about the borders of his heart

In his speech to the mayors of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated his theory of the “borders of his heart” that extend beyond Turkey’s physical borders.

The President of Turkey, after stressing that everything that happens in the region is related to Turkey, wondered and said: “did we ever turn our backs in the past to our compatriots in Bulgaria, Greece Skopje, our brothers in Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo when they faced difficulties? We never said that these matters are internal? Can we turn our backs? ”

Erdogan even gave a geographical description of the borders of his heart. “‘As I have mentioned before, our physical borders are different than the borders of our hearts. Our brothers, who are from Europe to Africa and, from the Mediterranean up to the endless steppes of Central Asia, are at the border of our hearts”.

“I spoke of the National Vow and the historical and legal rights and some immediately rose up and wondered if we have aspirations to the territories of Syria and Iraq… It was not I who said it. They have been recorded by history. Are we to forget a historical fact? We hold no aspirations to anyone’s lands”.

However, the Turkish leader seems to open his arms to other Muslims who live in Europe and wants to take up the role of the defender of their interests.

“The hostility towards foreigners in Europe is growing and we are the first to react. Why; Because there live five million of our citizens who have their roots in Turkey. We must also add our brothers from Turkistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia who settled in Europe. It is our moral obligation to defend their rights and find solutions to their problems”, said the President of Turkey./IBNA