Erdogan solves his differences with Netanyahu

Erdogan solves his differences with Netanyahu

Ankara, December 18, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Definitive Agreement for the normalisation of relation between Israel-Ankara

300,000 Kurds fleeing SA Turkey – At least 50 dead in the battles in SA Turkey

By Manolis Kostidis

Ankara is in the process of normalising its relations with Tel Aviv, causing a surprise in the eastern Mediterranean, since according to information officials of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Israel and Turkey reached a preliminary agreement on the resumption of diplomatic relations.

The agreement consists of 5 key points and turns the tables in the energy map as it provides for the construction of a gas pipeline from Israel to Turkey!

According to the turkish newspaper Hürriyet, Israel will pay USD 20 million as compensation to the relatives of the 10 dead Turks aboard the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, in 2010, which was raided by special forces of the Israeli army.

In return, Turkey will close the file of the issue and withdraw all charges against Israel.

The two sides also agreed to exchange ambassadors. The Turkish government would deport the leading member of Hamas Saleh al-Arouri.

The fifth point in the Turkey-Israel agreement seems to be the most important, as the two sides agreed on cooperation for the future construction of a gas pipeline that will transport Israeli deposits in Turkey and from there to the EU!

Tel Aviv seems essentially to find a path for the export of its rich gas resources available in the eastern Mediterranean as the efforts to find solutions with Egypt had reached a dead-end.

This project if implemented will affect developments in Cyprus, which has gas deposits and in the future will look for a way of extracting this natural wealth.

Turkish analysts believe that the agreement with Israel, after US pressure, is aimed at reducing Turkey’s dependence from Moscow , with which tensions are high at the moment, due to the downing of Russian fighter aircraft by Turkish aircraft on November 24.

A few days ago the president of Turkey Recep Erdogan Tagip had visited Azerbaijan and had announced the acceleration of the TANAP pipeline which will transport gas from Baku to Turkey and from there to Europe.

50 dead in the battles of SA Turkey

In southeastern Turkey at least 50 people have been killed from the street battles between the Turkish armed forces and members of the PKK. In the cities Cizre, Şırnak, Silopi have been deployed 10,000 Turkish troops with tanks and armored vehicles to enforce the curfew on Kurdish citizens. The authorities say they are trying to neutralize the PKK hideouts, however in the resulting street battles many civilians are getting killed.

In Diyarbakir about 1000 people tried to hold a protest against the operations of the Turkish army. Turkish police officers did not allow them to make the peaceful march, using water pumps and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The pro-Kurdish HDP calls the Kurds of southeast Turkey to “resistance” against the operations, as it supports that they are aimed at the displacement of Kurds. According to the newspaper Sabah, in the last three months 300,000 Kurds have fled their homes due to the fighting in the streets of their cities.