Erdogan releases from prison the ‘Grey Wolves’ and the members of ‘Ergenekon’

Erdogan releases from prison the ‘Grey Wolves’ and the members of ‘Ergenekon’


The biggest enemy of the Ecumenical Patriarchy is being set free.

By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

In the context of the war with Gulen, it seems that Erdogan in his attempt to cover up the corruption scandals, is bringing back Turkey’s “dark past”, since he is releasing from prison the members of the “Grey Wolves”, far right-wing murderers, and members of the parastate organisation Ergenekon, which at one time were even planning to assassinate the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

The biggest enemy of the Ecumenical Patriarchy, Kemal Kerinçsiz (photo), will once again be walking free in Turkey starting today. Kerinçsiz is a lawyer and member of the “Grey Wolves” organisation, who was sentenced to prison for being a member of the paramilitary organisation Ergenekon.

Kerinçsiz had submitted dozens of lawsuits again “Fener”, asking for the ending of its presence in Istanbul. He also took part on dozens of demonstrations in “Fener”. The court of Istanbul judged that he had remained in prison long enough and decided to release him from prison. On August he had been sentenced to life imprisonment.

On Sunday, the turkish judiciary system had released from prison three murderers who are members of the “Grey Wolves” and who in 2007 had murdered three employees of the “Zirve” Publishing House in Malatya, because it was printing the bible in Turkish. All three murderers had been sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2010, but were released from prison.

Also free, after the same court’s decision, is Erhan Tuncel, who had planned the assassination of the Armenian reporter Hrant Dink.

At the same time, the same  court has also decided to keep Sedat Peker out of prison. Peker is the far right-wing arch-mobster of Turkey, who only just August had been sentenced to 10 years in prison for being a member of Ergenekon.

Another court has decided for the release from prison of the former colonel, Dursun Çiçek, whose signature recognition had led to the uncovering of the coup that was being planned to overthrow Erdogan. Çiçek had been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Last Saturday, the court had decided the release from prison of the former Chief of the General Staff of Turkey, Ilker Başbuğ, who had also been sentenced to life imprisonment from a special court, for being the leading figure of Ergenekon.

These releases from prison have to do with the abolition of the Special Courts, which had passed judgement on the accused. The Erdogan government decided to abolishe them believing them to be under Gulen’s control. However, the release from prison of the people who had been convicted as members of “terrorist,  parastate organisations” a few months after their conviction is a cause of concern, and a number of political analysts argue that “Turkey is rapidly reinstating the parastate”.

The president of the Special Court, Hasan Özese, argued that the abolition of the Special Courts and the subsequent releases from prison are illegal and that he will appeal to the Supreme Court.

Pro-government mass media predict a clear win for Erdogan.

The turkish newspaper Star has published a new poll that was conducted at the request of the governing party of Justice and Development (AKP), which gives 46.9% to AKP and 30.1% to the Republican People’s party, predicting a clear win for Erdogan in the coming public elections and points out that the corruption scandal and the sound documents have not had a negative effected on the Turkish voters. In the poll that had been conducted in January the percentages were 44.7% and 27.6%.

However, the Republican People’s party mayor candidate in Istanbul, Mustafa Sarigul, argues that a few months back AKP led by 10%, but now the two parties’ percentages are about the same.