Erdogan reacts on the plans of the new president of Turkish-Cypriots

Erdogan reacts on the plans of the new president of Turkish-Cypriots

Ankara, April 27, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

“I am and will remain the motherland”, Erdogan states and threatens Akinci that he may be forced to change views soon

Akinci to Erdogan: “I do not understand why he reacts”

By Manolis Kostidis

The strong reaction of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan caused the election of Mustafa Akinci as president of the Turkish-Cypriots, as the new leader of the Turkish Cypriots says the strong influence of Turkey in Northern Cyprus must stop.

The Turkish President, in a show of power to the Turkish-Cypriots tried to send the message that whatever their choices, he would be the one who determines the developments in Cyprus. “Akinci should hear what he says. The appropriation of Northern Cyprus by Turkey, has a reason… Our country has paid a price for Cyprus. We have given dead and are still paying the price”.

Erdogan continued his attack on Akinci and with a threatening tone said: “who gives the international battle of Northern Cyprus? Can Mr Akinci give this battle himself? Turkey will continue view Northern Cyprus like the mother views her child. His view (Akinci’s) is different. I would also like to see it in a good mood. But later he may be forced to change his views and this will not be very good”.

Akinci left a television show after a phone call from Erdogan!

The newly elected, with 60.5%, President of the Turkish Occupied part of Cyprus, immediately after Erdogan’s statements appeared shocked at Türk CNN television network and responded immediately. “I do not understand why they are bothered to hear me talk of relations between two fraternal states. Doesn’t Turkey want “its child” to grow? Don’t they want us to prosper? I stand behind my words. And I do not only hear what I say, I speak with my conscience and I regret that we are having this conversation on the day of my election”, he said.

Shortly after that he left the show as he was informed that Erdogan was waiting to speak to him on the telephone! The content of the telephone conversation between the two men was not disclosed.

Warning to Akinci even to the congratulatory message

Earlier, the president of Turkey, even in his congratulatory message to Akinci had shown  his disagreement with him and stressed that “it is not possible to take a position to finding a solution at any cost in the Cyprus problem, which has been going on for half a century and is based the misconception that the sole owner of the island is the Greek Cypriot side (Republic of Cyprus). I believe that in the Cyprus problem, which we view as a national matter, will continue under your leadership, as well, the militant determination and faith that led to the present day the Turkish Cypriots to be one of two equal peoples of the island”.

The position of Akinci that trouble the status quo

The 68-year old Mustafa Akinci, in his election campaign, stood for the immediate return of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants. At the same time, he requested the control of the army and the Central Bank by Turkish-Cypriots, while today it is controlled by people appointed by Ankara.

“We need to set aside the rhetoric of the motherland and her child and create a fraternal relationship with Turkey”, he had stated in the election race.

The Economy

Political analysts believe that after the Erdogan’s threats it will be difficult for Akinci to actually realise all his plans, since the economy of Northern Cyprus depends on Turkey. Wages, investments, the armed forces and even casinos in Kyrenia (The main source of income for the economy) have a direct relationship with Ankara and a slight decrease in financial aid could cause serious problems for the newly elected president of the Occupied Territories.

The Republic of Cyprus waits to see news from the Turkish-Cypriots

Immediately after his election on Sunday night, Akinci was interviewed on NTV television network and announced that he had a telephone conversation with the President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades and the Special Adviser to the Secretary General of the UN Espen Barth Eide, adding that he expects to meet as soon as possible.

“I will seek consultation with Anastasiades. I think our visions on the resolution of the Cyprus problem will coincide… What’s important here is that our interlocutors from the south to work with us, taking the view that in the north there is an entity, which is equal to them for the vision of a common solution. We will create a zonal, bi-communal and politically equal, news Cyprus, whose sovereignty will consist of both communities”, Akinci said.

The government spokesman of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Christodoulides said that the Greek Cypriot side is confident in a genuine and substantive dialogue to solve the Cyprus problem, always with the active involvement of Ankara.

In the period that follows, Christodoulides added, “we will have the opportunity to see in practice the real intentions of Mustafa Akinci”.

It remains to be seen if the Akinci, after the “warning shots” from Erdogan, will change position or will continue to support his views.