Erdogan puts an end to efforts to resolve the Kurdish problem and calls for the lifting of HDP MPs’ immunity

Erdogan puts an end to efforts to resolve the Kurdish problem and calls for the lifting of HDP MPs’ immunity

Ankara, July 29, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

The plans for the creation of a ‘safety zone’ and the support from Obama

By Manolis Kostidis

Recep Tayip Erdogan has formally ended all hope of continuing the peace process to resolve the Kurdish issue, which had begun in 2011 with his support.

Now in Turkey there are fears of increase of violence and the resumption of fighting between Turkish armed forces and the PKK. The Kurdish organisation, immediately after the air strikes by Turkish fighter in northern Iraq, has started attacking targets inside Turkey by ending the ceasefire that had been requested a year ago by the leader of the PKK Abdullah Öcalan.

The Turkish president, minutes before his departure for Beijing for an official visit, said that “many were annoyed by the resolution process which was not worthwhile. Now we have a reality. It is not possible to continue a resolution process (for the Kurdish issue) with those who threaten our national unity”.

Erdogan calls for the lifting of the HDP MPs’ immunity

Erdogan has put an end to the demand of the Nationalists to ban the operation of the pro-Kurdish party HDP, sine he said he is opposed to “banning political parties”. But he said that “the House should waive the immunity of some MPs and examine whether they are affiliated to a terrorist organization and answer for it”.

Immediately following these statements, the President of HDP Selahattin Demirtaş said he and the 80 party MPs will table a request to Parliament to request the lifting of their immunity and stressed that “we do not have anything to hide, let those who seek the lifting of our immunity do the same”. “We have not committed an unpardonable crime. Our only crime is that we won 13% of the vote”, he stressed.

Demitras’ statement had been preceded by the request of the Nationalist Action Party Devlet Bahçeli, who had requested the intervention of Justice on “with politicians who cooperate with terrorism”, meaning the Kurdish MPs.

The truce between Ankara and the PKK ended “de facto” by the turkish air force striking at the bases of PKK in the territory of northern Iraq and the Kurdish organization retaliating with attacks against the turkish army and the police.

The PKK had taken responsibility for the murder of two Turkish policemen, one day after ISIS suicide bomber attack in Suruç, where 34 Kurds were killed.

On Monday night unknown perpetrators killed the military commander of the gendarmerie, who along with his family was returning to his home in the town of Malatya in eastern Turkey. The Turkish government blames the PKK for the attack.

The creation of a ‘safety zone’ the next act of the play

Regarding military operations, Erdogan made it clear that they will continue and stressed that “this is a process that will continue with the same determination”, referring to the air strikes against positions of the Islamic State on the territory of Syria and the bases (PKK) in northern Iraq.

What’s interesting is the mention of the Turkish president about the create a ‘safety zone’ in northern Syria. The Turkish president said that Turkey and the US are contemplating the creation of a ‘safety zone’ that would “pave the way for the return of 1.7 million Syrian refugees who have sought refuge in Syria today. This area must be cleared of any terrorist action”. Erdogan revealed he has discussed in detail with Barack Obama on this topic.

Changes in the military leadership of Turkey

In early August is expected to convene the Supreme Military Council led by Erdogan to decide changes in military command.

At the meeting, the Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces Necdet Özel is expected to be discharged and his position will assume the current Land Forces Commander Hulusi Akar.

Turkish Press divided

“The PKK kills people who go to the mosque because they have beards and accuses them that they are affiliated with ISIS. And the HDP does not react… In this country unfortunately once again flows the blood of the young people. The mentality from 2011 to 2015 has not changed”, says the columnist for the pro-government newspaper Sabah Rasim Ozan Kütahyalı, who emphasized that the Kurds of Mount Qandil (Northern Iraq) hold the HDP hostage.

The columnist of the newspaper Bugün, Nazlı Ilıcak, accuses the government of electioneering and writes that “you are wrong if you think that you will increase your rates with operations against the PKK and ISIS. On the contrary, this chaos and anarchy will bring the opposite results”.

At an extraordinary meeting, NATO announced that it supports Turkey in the operations against terrorism.


Photo: Hurriyet Daily News