Erdogan Message for Christmas

Erdogan Message for Christmas

On the occasion of the celebration of the Christmas Turkey President Recep Tayip Erdogan issued the following message and wished a Merry Christmas to all Christians.

“I congratulate our Christian citizens on the occasion of the Christmas.

Taking utmost care today as well, as we have done throughout history in line with the values of our civilization, to ensure that there is no discrimination of race, language, religion or denomination between people, we attach great importance to all our citizens freely practicing their cultures, religions and traditions.

We believe that on these lands, home to the peaceful coexistence of different cultures and traditions for centuries, it renders our unity and solidarity stronger to regard differences as a valuable asset and to put the mutual respect and justice and the freedom of religion and worship first.

I wish that the Christmas, celebrated by our Christian citizens in line with their beliefs, will lead to the strengthening of the climate of solidarity and mutual respect.

I wish all our Christian citizens and the whole Christian world a Merry Christmas.”/IBNA