Erdogan to meet Putin, accuses the EU

Erdogan to meet Putin, accuses the EU

Ankara, July 26, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

64.4% of the people in Turkey believe that Gulen was behind the coup attempt

By Manolis Kostidis

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan chose Russia as the first country to travel abroad after the attempted coup of July 15.

The President of Turkey will travel to St. Petersburg on August 9 to meet with Vladimir Putin as part of the efforts to reinstate the relations between the two countries, after the shooting down of the Russian warplane by a Turkish fighter jet, at the border with Syria, last November.

Last week, Iranian and Russian websites reported that Moscow had helped the Turkish secret services and had informed of the impending coup; an information that was not confirmed by either side.

Erdogan turns his back to the EU

In this atmosphere, the EU-Turkey relations remain strained, with the Turkish president insisting on the restoration of the death penalty.

Erdogan in an interview with German TV network ARD stressed that only Europe has abolished the death penalty and that it exists almost everywhere in the world. “I am not a king, I am only a president. Turkey is not a kingdom. We have a democratic rule of law and such a state has to listen to the demands of the people. Being a powerful president does not mean one can act against the Constitution”, he said, but nevertheless insisted that the people want the restoration of the death penalty and this should be decided by parliament.

Erdogan argued that European leaders are not sincere on the issue of the refugees, as they give promises which they do not keep.

“We keep our promises. But have the Europeans kept their promises?”, he wondered and once again demanded the release of visas for Turkish citizens and continued claiming that “Turkey has spent about USD 12 billion for the three million refugees it hosts, while we have not received almost no help from the EU, only token sums, 1-2 billion, while they have promised us three billion euros”.

Constitutional change with the backing of the opposition?

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim claimed that “all the major parties are ready to start working on a new constitution”.

The intention of all parties now is to revise the Constitution after the failed coup attempt of July 15, Yildirim said,

The statement of the Turkish Prime Minister has value, as on Monday, Erdogan welcomed to the presidential palace the leaders of the opposition parties, ban the Kurdish Party (HDP).

Cleansing both to the diplomatic body and the religious affairs administration

The administration of the Turkish religious affairs has so far removed a total of 1,112 staff members, including preachers and teachers of the Koran.

What’s more, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced that two ambassadors who are now serving in Ankara were removed from their positions, while he stressed that there are ambassadors who are suspected of having affiliations with the order of Gulen.

The Bosphorus Bridge to change name

The Bosphorus Bridge will be renamed to bridge of “Martyrs of July 15”, Binali Yildirim announced in honor of the victims of that night and the events that followed.

The decision was taken by the cabinet meeting, with the Turkish Prime Minister adding that monuments will be built in Istanbul and Ankara to commemorate this day.

The people in Turkey believe that Gulen is behind the coup attempt

64.4% of the people in Turkey believe that Gulen was behind the coup attempt, while 3.8% accuses the US, 3.6% foreign forces and 2.2% Erdogan himself. The poll was conducted by Andy-Ar survey company.