O Erdogan likens Israel with Hitler… and sells fuel for its fighter jets!

O Erdogan likens Israel with Hitler… and sells fuel for its fighter jets!


By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

O Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues his anti-Israeli rhetoric likening the practice of Tel Aviv’s with that of Hitler’s; the main opposition party in Turkey, however, accuses the Turkish government of selling fuel for fighter jets to Israel!

The Turkish prime minister in an election speech in Ordu, in view of the upcoming presidential elections on August 10, blatantly attacked Tel Aviv. “The Israelis are always cursing Hitler, but Israel surpassed him in cruelty. Some Americans ask why the Turkish prime minister makes ​​these comparisons withHitler. What do you care? You are America, what relationship do you have with Hitler?”, he said. The Turkish Prime Minister said that the U.S. support to Israel is unfair.

Erdogan also attacked the view of “self-defense” the Israelis use as justification for the intervention in Gaza. “One Israeli dead, while there are 300 Palestinians dead. What kind of self-defense is this? Israel has everything, including nuclear weapons, but they say that the Palestinians should not be armed. What will they defend themselves with?”

While Erdogan appears as the patron of the Palestinian people, a complained by the Republican People’s Party stucks a blow to his credibility. According to the vice president of the main opposition party Haluk Koc, the Turkish government sells fuel to Israel for use in its fighter jets.

“Are you or are you not selling fuel for the Israeli fighter jets through Turkey? Does Tel Aviv use those fighter jets and fuel, it got through Turkey, to bomb Gaza or not? Let’s see what you have to say, bloke”, Koc said.

The Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz refuted this claim and said “there is no donation or sale of fuel to Israel”.

The Turkish government last June, however, had admitted that part of the oil from Northern Iraq that arrives through pipelines to the port of Ceyhan in Southern Turkey, was loaded on ships that were heading towards Israel.