Erdogan: “If you do not give us F-35s, we will look elsewhere”

Erdogan: “If you do not give us F-35s, we will look elsewhere”

President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his statements towards the representatives of his party’s local organizations, accused Europe, saying:

“These people, when it comes to words they say the best things. How good you are, you host so many refugees, congratulations. But we do not want words. Give us the financial support you promised us. They say we will give, we have given, we will give. That is the West! But we are not the West. We are different.”

Regarding their relations with the USA, he said:

“For the F-35s we paid 1.4 billion dollars. They handed over to our pilots 4 of them in the US, and they do not allow them to bring them to our country. Then they tell us why you did not get Patriot from us and you went and got S-400. We stick to what we agree. We want to take them but you aren’t giving them to us. In that case, we will go to those who will give them to us. You won’t give us the F-35s? Okay… then we will take charge and head elsewhere!”

Regarding Cyprus and the research, he said:

“The absurd attempts to obstruct the use of our legitimate rights in the eastern Mediterranean cause us doubts about how Europe encounters us. You see we have our own drilling rigs. We also have our own research ships. And they continue their investigations. Some people were bothered. We are applying all the rules of the law of the sea. In Cyprus we have expatriates. We are not just any country. Turkey is a guarantor power. Greece is a guarantor, as is Great Britain.”/ibna