Erdogan says “I would bring down to mosque to build a road”

Erdogan says “I would bring down to mosque to build a road”


By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave an impressive answer to those who accuse his government of tearing down hundreds of trees to build the third Bosporus Bridge and doing the same at the plot of the Middle East University to build a new road.

Erdogan stated he does not listen to voices of protest and that he is determined to even tear down a mosque in case a new road has to be built!

“Some are opposing the construction of the third bridge, saying we tear down trees here and there. We serve the whole of the people and not individuals. We could sacrifice everything for the road. Roads mean civilization. Those who are uncivilized don’t realize the value of the road. We could sacrifice everything for it. Even if there is a mosque where the road should pass we will demolish it and built it elsewhere”!

The Turkish PM branded environmentalists and NGO members that fighting the tearing down of trees, “modern rebels”. “We cannot stop because some wish us to. In the past, rebels cut off roads. Now there are modern rebels. We are determined, however, and we will continue”.

Environmental organizations claim 200.000 trees will be cut down for the creation of the third Bosporus Bridge! The government claims most of them will be planted elsewhere. Environmentalists say the project destroys the final “lung” in the northern side of Istanbul.