Erdogan hides his son – the disappearance of Bilal Erdogan

Erdogan hides his son – the disappearance of Bilal Erdogan


“This is a coup by Erdogan; with his interventions we will become a Middle Eastern type dictatorship”, political analysts warn.

By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

Erdogan is overwhelmed by the revelations regarding the financial scandals, which touch his environment, as he seems to be afraid of an operation from a turkish judge against his family and especially his son Bilal Erdogan, who has disappeared!

The Prime Minister’s son has not made an appearance since the day the prosecutor Muamer Akas had called him to testify about the financial scandal of the institution of which he is president as well as for his affiliation with the Saudi businessman Yasin el-Kadi. Bilal Erdogan had been called in order to provide an explanation on January 2, but with the intervention of the Turkish Prime Minister the police had not executed the adduction order. If that was not enough, a few days later the prosecutor who had asked for his adduction was removed.

Since that day no one has seen Bilal Erdogan, there hasn’t been a statement from him, the Turkish Prime Minister hasn’t done a reference to his name and already there are suspicions that he has left the country so as not to become the target of another sudden arrest for any number of charges.

Erdogan appears to be fearful of an operation similar to the one that took place on December 17 of 2013, when the police had raided the residences of the Minister’s children as well as the residence of the manager of the state bank during which they had found millions of dollars resulting in the resignation of four of the government’s Ministers.

The newspaper Sol in a front page article “searches” for the son of the turkish Prime Minister and reports that “despite the fact that there is a prosecutor’s order for his adduction pending, no actions have been taken and no one seems to know where he is”.

“This is a clear as day intervention to the Work of Justice. There is an order for the initiation of a second wave of adductions regarding the financial scandals and the affiliations with the businessman Yasin el-Kadi. However, 16 days have passed from the issuing of the order, they have changed the prosecutor and the case doesn’t go enywhere”, writes the turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet.

“Your son has disappeared. Why don’t you tell him to go and testify? In any case my children do not own ships and large enterprises like yours”, said the president of the Republican People’s Party Kemal Kilicdaroglu.

“Erdogan’s coup” “We will become like the Middle Eastern dictatorships”.

After his Minister’s resignations and the exposure of the scandals, Erdogan without any explanation, intervened in the state mechanism in order to obstruct the continuation of the investigations. On Monday he took the case file from the prosecutor Zekeriya Oz, who was appointed to another region, while 1100 police officers among who Chiefs of Security from 15 cities were also appointed to other regions and were relieved from their current assignments. Dozens of judges and prosecutors were relieved from their duties because they were considered “suspects”!

The government regards everyone who is being relieved from their duties of having an affiliation with the order of the hodja Fethullah Gulen, which is believed to have now turned against Erdogan.

The fiercest intervention from the turkish government came in the form of the new bill she brough to Parliament attempting to put an end to the independence of the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors, which from now on will be accountable to the Minister of Justice, while all the judges and prosecutors appointments will be controlled by the government. All the judges will be obligated to inform the Minister of Justice and the government, in advance in regard to who or what they plan to investigate.

“The turkish government had done nothing during the Ergenekon, Bayloz, and the Fenerbahce team trials. The moment justice touched the government then they started to speak of a “parallel state” and that “some have framed the Armed Forces”. If we approve what the government is doing with the excuse that “it fights against the parallel state” then the scandals will be covered up, democracy will disappear completely, while we will have given out consent to the creation of a authoritarian state, which will be under the control of only one person”, reports the political analyst Cengiz Candar of the newspaper Radikal.

Ertuğrul Özkök writes in the newspaper Hurriyet: “we could say it is a coup. Someone may wonder how is it possible for an elected government to perform a coup? If however you interpret the will of the people and their vote as a passport to do whatever you want… then this may be the case we are describing. Dear Mps, if you approve these changes, Turkey will be downgraded from a civilized country to the level of the “black dictatorships” of the Middle East”.

What’s impressive, however with the developments regarding the financial scandals in Turkey is that the turkish public knows now the names, the personal life and many other details for the prosecutors who try to find the kickbacks that the people close to the Prime Minister were taking. In the past everybody knew the names of almost all the Leaders of the Armed Forces, while today they can barely remember the name of the Chief of the General Staff, Necdet Ozel.

Bagis has left, Merkel however remains.

A few days before the elections in Germany, the Turkish Minister of EU Affairs at the time, Egemen Bagis, had predicted that Angela Merkel will be defeated and that “she will take up fishing as a hobby”. The statement had caused an angry reaction from Berlin.

The German Chancellor won the elections with ease and did not go fishing, but skiing where she was injured.

Egemen Bagis, however was forced to resign due to the charges against him regarding his bribe from the Irano-Azeri businessman Riza Zarab.

“I am inviting the former Minister to come fishing with us, we have a nice company”, writes Ertuğrul Özkök addressing Bagis.