Erdogan: Do not drink beer but the non-alcoholic ayran!

Erdogan: Do not drink beer but the non-alcoholic ayran!


These statements were made from the Islamist Erdogan against alcohol. Many fear that he leads Turkey in Islamic traditions

By Manolis Kostidis

Recep Tayyip Erdogan opposed the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Turkey and claimed that the “national drink” of the country “is the ayran and not any other drink.” Essentially, the Turkish prime minister at his speech to Turkish businessmen, called on the Turkish society to abandon their consumption habits which “was introduced from abroad” and return to the Islamic tradition.

The Turkish Prime Minister said, that “in the early years of the Turkish Republic, some have tried to present beer as our national drink. They even gave beer to our children. However, our national drink is the ayran.”

The ayran is a non-alcoholic drink, which is made from water, yogurt and salt.

The early years of the Turkish Republic in which Erdogan refers to are those of the founder of Turkey Kemal Ataturk who had establish the principles of secularism and now the views expressed blame directly this particular period of time.

The Turkish prime minister gave signs of banning the alcohol advertising in the newspapers and said ‘will soon ban these ads. “Erdogan recalled that the government banned the sale of alcoholic beverages in university student dormitories and already banned the sale of drinks to young people under 18 years. “We must do these things so that the nation to have a healthy generation “he claimed.

Nearly a year ago had been also banned and the sponsorship of Turkish groups from alcoholic drinks companies.  As a result, the basketball team “Efes Pilsen» which had the name of the beer production company was renamed “Anadolu Efes”.

For several decades now the “Yeni Raki» was characterized as the “national drink” of Turkey and was likened by several people as the “milk of lions.” The Turkish raki has a political character, since it was adored by Kemal Ataturk! However, Islamists for decades was against the consumption of alcohol as it is defined by the laws of Islam.

The last decade, the tax on alcoholic beverages has nearly doubled.

Now in an official manner, the Turkish prime minister expressed the view of the Islamists.

Last month the Turkish Airlines has announced that many flights to Turkey will not offer alcoholic beverages.

However, these deeds and statements of the Islamist Erdogan does not relate to the Turkey which wants to join the EU sometime.

Thousands of Turks have reacted on Erdogan’s statements, into social networking sites, and argued that “now due to stubbornness they will drink more»

However, it was rather impressive that the day the Turkish prime minister made these statements “the Union of Traditional Beverages of Turkey” filed an application to the EU in order to characterize the “raki” as the national drink of Turkey.