Erdogan confirms the purchase of a third drilling rig!

Erdogan confirms the purchase of a third drilling rig!

“We will intensify our explorations and drilling operations in the Eastern Mediterranean”

“We will honor the agreement we signed with Sarraj”

Addressing the Turkish journalists, the Turkish president touched upon issues related to explorations in the Eastern Mediterranean. Erdogan confirmed for the first time that Ankara had purchased a third drilling rig. “Our position on the issue of the Eastern Mediterranean has not changed, and this is evident from the agreement we signed. As we had two drilling rigs, we went and bought a third one. We have two research vessels. We now have three drilling rigs. We are thinking of kicking off intensive operations here both with our research vessels and with our drilling rigs. But the important thing is that in this way one states their presence there both politically and militarily. It is important because this is how the country becomes the one controlling the region. We are the country with the largest coastline.

We are committed to honoring the agreement with Mr. Sarraj and we will support what is right, as well as the rights of Libya”, he continued.

Erdogan also commented on the invitation Haftar received from the French President. “Haftar is the man who bombed Libya 11 times. The US invited him. Now Macron. And he just goes there and celebrates. We can’t understand them”, Erdogan added. /ibna