The end of the Erdogan era is close

The end of the Erdogan era is close


The millions of dollars, the kickbacks and the instructions over the telephone.

Obama and Gulen tell him goodbye.

By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

The telephone conversations between Erdogan and his son, which were the product of wiretaps, have opened gashes on his political power and now everyone is wondering what will be the final blow.

If it is not a product of montage, as the Turkish prime minister claims, then the sound documents show Erdogan attempting to move huge amounts of money, which he keeps in his son’s residence, and to send them to the residences of members of his “court”, because he is afraid that the police will raid the house.

At the same time he appears dissatisfied with a €10 million kickback that a businessman gives to his son and asks for more money.

It does not come as a shock that inside the Justice and Development party (AKP) some have already started discussing the post-Erdogan era scenario.

Many were shocked last Thursday however, when they were informed that AKP had cancelled two electoral campaign rallies, in which the prime minister was scheduled to speak. It is certain that there is a panic in the air, a commotion that does not allow him to be as strong as he used to be.

The documents are considered valid by many political analysts, since they came almost two months after the resignations of four of the government’s ministers, when it was proven that they were taking kickbacks through their sons, and millions of dollars were found in their residences.

Erdogan in a state of panic: “Even the robots are fighting against me”.

Since that time Erdogan has been talking about “an attempt of a coup, an attempt by the order of Gulen together with the interest rates lobby, the lobby of terrorism and the lobby of the robots, to overthrow the government. Indeed the Turkish prime minister spoke of a lobby of robots. “If Erdogan believes that he is being fought by the robots and the electronic machines, them he truly is in a state of panic”, reports an acclaimed Left wing newspaper journalist.

“We could have not believed the sound documents, but Erdogan has told a lot of lies in the past”, reports Mehmet Yilmaz of the newspaper Hurriyet.

US and Gulen lead Erdogan to a dead end.

The countdown for the Turkish prime minister appears to have started from the demonstrations in Gezi Park and the incidents that followed. Since then, Erdogan has lost the initiative and the violent suppression of the demonstrations that resulted in five dead and thousands injured his prestige.

However, the dispute with the islamic order of Gulen may prove to be his undoing. Gulen has been living in the US since 1999 and is common knowledge that he has the support from Washington to deliver a more “moderate” Islam to the whole world against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The order had a similar power inside Turkey as well and the Turkish prime minister had allied with him in order to overthrow the “pashas”.

The US however, and especially Obama, are dissatisfied with the policy Turkey has been following over the last few months. They have demanded from Ankara to stop sending weapons to the rebels in Syria and to the fundamental islamists of Al-Qaeda. Erdogan ignored the warnings and continued to send dozens of tracks full of weapons.

At the same time, US was asking for the immediate discontinuation of the illegal financial transactions with Iran, since Turkey was violating the financial embargo. But Erdogan did not listen. It was not by chance that the corruption scandal with the four ministers concerned the businessman Riza Zarab, whose job was to make money transfers to and from Iran.

The US foreign minister, John Kerry, had visited Turkey three times in 2013, and had discussed all these, demanding that the Turkish prime minister ameliorates the relations with Israel. Despite the initial steps and the apology of Netanyahu to Erdogan however, the Turkish prime minister insisted on the rhetoric that he will visit Gaza. The truth is that he couldn’t make the trip because on the dates he had stated he was going to travel, the Gezi Park incidents broke out.

A few months after that came the clash with Fethullah Gulen, who lives in his mansion in Pennsylvania and who in the past had condemned the sending of the ship Mavi Marmara to Gaza from Erdogan. Gulen asks for the smoothing of the relations with Israel and he opposes islamic terrorism, such as Al-Qaeda.

What’s more, the visit of the turkish main opposition, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, to the United States in December, when he had not been there since he was elected in 2010, cannot be registered as a random event.  The day the corruption scandal with the ministers broke out, Kılıçdaroğlu had a  surprise visit to the U.S. ambassador in Ankara.

He will be sent to a special Court.

The scenarios for the end of the Erdogan era have already seen the light of day in Turkey and the members of the Republican People’s party even speak of the possibility of a special Court. The political analyst, Hasan Cemal, reports that “There is only one solution. To shorten the way for Erdogan to go before the independent justice and this way can only be opened through the vote of the people”.

Erdogan’s “court”    

In the telephone conversations that were leaked there is mention to a number of names that shows who are behind the “Sultan’s court”. Erdogan’s fiduciaries are the ones to whom he entrusts the millions of dollars he seems to be keeping at their residences.

“Your sister”: Sumeyye Erdogan – Daughter of the Turkish prime minister, who accompanies him on all his trips. She is his consultant.

“The uncle”: Mustafa Erdogan is Erdogan’s brother, whose photos of his personal life were already circulating.

“Berat”: Berat Albayrak is the son-in-law of the Turkish prime minister, who has married his daughter Esra. He is president of the Çalık Group.

“Ziya”: The husband of Erdogan’s sister, Ziya Ilgen. He is the president of the shipping company, of which stakeholders are the turkish prime minister’s children.

“Brother Burak”: The oldest son of the Erdogan family, Burak Erdogan.

“Faruk”: The president of the Kalyon construction company, Omer Faruk Kalyoncu. He is part of the consortium for the construction of the new Istanbul airport, of the city’s Judiciary Palace, the pedestrianisation of Taksim Square, etc.

“Mehmet Gur”: Managing Director of the construction Group, Ortadogu. He has built Erdogan’s mansion in Istanbul as well as the houses of all of the family members.

“Ahmet Calik”: President of the Çalικ Group. He became a renounced businessman during AKP’s governance. He bought Sabah-ATV Mass Media Group. He sold it as soon as the scandals broke out. The company’s managing director is Erdogan’s son-in-law.

“Sehrizar”: They are residences that were given this name and have been built by  Calik’s company.

“Faik Isik”: Erdogan’s former lawyer.