Erdogan backs down from Manbij and Kobani

Erdogan backs down from Manbij and Kobani

“I don’t mind Assad’s forces entering Manbij”

“Trump told me not to hit Kobani. We are not interested in Kobani”.

Erdogan clearly shows signs of change of plans an backing down, with regard the capture of Manbij and Kobani. “It is not a negative development for me for Assad’s forces to enter Manbij. Because it’s actually their own territory. What is important to me is for the terrorist organizations to leave. I told Putin if you were to get rid of the terrorists then you should perform the whole operation.

For Kobani Trump told me “don’t hit it”. We just told him we had it surrounded. We are not really interested about the center of Kobani”, Erdogan told reporters during his return trip from Azerbaijan.

Turkey’s president threatened EU once again due to reactions for the operations in Syria.

“They were annoyed when I told them we were going to open the gates. Now they understand how serious things are. And as we go there we will be guided. If you do such things against Turkey then we have a plan. We open our borders and have 3.6 million refugees. We should tell them: Go on, the EU loves you very much, go to the EU”, Erdogan said.

The Turkish President also revealed part of the phone conversation he had with the French president. Macron told me: Do you see the statements of the President of the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ about the operation? “And I replied to him: Since when do you recognize the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’?”/ibna