Erdogan accuses judges and district attorneys for ‘conspiracy’

Erdogan accuses judges and district attorneys for ‘conspiracy’


By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

After the “international centers of power” and the “interest rate lobby conspiracy” Recep Tayyip Erdogan know decided to accuse the Turkish judges and district attorneys. He is “attacking” them for the corruption scandals they are investigating and revealing.

Erdogan clearly accused the district attorney Muamer Akkas, who was investigating the corruption scandal that included the bribes that the turkish Prime Minister’s son accused of having taken, but after the intervention of the government the case file was given to other district attorneys.

“There are members of the justice system who are acting like members of a gang. They listen in conversations, they watch everything and try to slander the name of innocent people. They leak information to the Mass Media. no district attorney has the right to do this. A district attorney made a statement to the Mass Media. He should tell us who he is working for. I bluntly accuse him of working for someone. We shall see what the Supreme Council of Judges and District Attorneys will do”.

Erdogan is trying to turn the tides from his Ministers’ resignations and the bribes that the general manager of the turkish national bank Halkbank is accused of having taken, and regards the people’s opinion about the accused as being more important than the work of justice!

“The nation’s conscience is of great importance. No one has the right to show things as if they exist, while in essence they do not. And even give them to the Mass Media and create suspicions for people who are “clean” and innocent. There is a difference between the Law and the common law. We are in favor of the Common Law. If the Law contradicts the common law then we have a problem… the power does not belong to judiciary it belongs unconditionally to the nation” he stated. Erdogan promiced to create a special agency that will exert control over the function of the Supreme Council of Judges and District Attorneys. Basically, he wants to intervene  to the independent function of the judicial system.

Erdogan claimed that because of the revelations that took place in the last few days, Turkey lost €120 billion and asked the turkish people to send their own message in the public elections on March 30.

“Many times we point out that there is an attempt by the Executive Authority (government) to cancel the function of the Judicial Authority. This what is happening now. Clearly, a war has been declared against Justice in order to cover up the scandals. They are trying to make Justice disappear in order for the scandals to disappear as well… Tayyip Erdogan who once was Turkey’s brilliant impression for the rest of world has now been transformed into a plummet that is difficult to lift” writes Cengiz Candar of the Hurriyet newspaper.

Small participation in the riots but the police intervenes

However, in Turkey thousands of people are protesting against the turkish government and corruption. In Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, police daily  intervenes  in these protests. However, the participation of the people in these protests is not massive.

Bargaining with Gulen?

After the revelations regarding the scandals and the subsequent resignations of the implicated Ministers there is a strange silence in the Mass Media, which are subjected to the Islamic order of Fethullah Gulen.

“We must point out that Gulen has remained silent and there is some kind of a truce” reports the political analyst Rusen Cakir.

According to information, Gulen’s fiduciary and columnist in the newspaper Zaman, Hussein Gulerce, went to Ankara, to discuss with members of the government, ways to end the crisis.

“Both sides would benefit from some kind of a truce. However, the tensions between Gulen’s side and Erdogan’s were so intense that it is difficult to believe that we’ll have a permanent truce”, writes Cakir.

Erdogan demanded the resignations from all the Ministers who were implicated in the scandals while removing from their position many chiefs of police who were members of Gulen’s order. At the same time, he is prepared to remove at least 2 governors. Now the two sides are trying to find a solution so that there will be no more “victims”.

The turkish government believes that the revelations regarding the scandals were made by judges and district attorneys who were members of Gulen’s order, in order to prevent Erdogan from closing down the order’s private schools and institutions in Turkey. The fact is that nobody in Turkey is talking about the millions of dollars that were found in the residences of the accused.