EPP is worried about “the slow steps of the electoral reform in Albania”

EPP is worried about “the slow steps of the electoral reform in Albania”

European People’s Party has published a declaration where it expresses its support for the Democratic Party  of Albania and expresses its concern about the slow steps taken for the electoral reform.

According to EPP, the upcoming elections must be free, fair and in line with European standards.

“”The reforms in the justice system, especially the decriminalization law must be a priority of the current government. Key and bold reforms along with inclusive political dialogue are critical for Albanians and advancement  toward the EU”, EPP’s statement says.


Members of the EPP Political Assembly met for two days in Brussels. They discussed also the political situations in Albania.

The EPP delegates also adopted a resolution on Albania, which urges the government to carry on with reforms:

“The upcoming Albanian elections must be free, fair and in line with European standards. Reform of the judiciary, in particular the decriminalization law, must remain a priority for the current government. Key and bold reforms, and inclusive political dialogue, are critical for the Albanian people and for the advancement of the country as a whole towards the EU,” stated Joseph Daul.

Resolution on Albania adopted by the EPP Political Assembly of 24 January 2017

The EPP Political Assembly, at its meeting of 23-24 January 2017 in Brussels, makes the following resolution:

  • Taking note of the European Council conclusions on Albania in December 2016;
  • Recognizing the firm and unwavering commitment of the Democratic Party to the European integration process of Albania;
  • Fully in line with the EU’s commitment to the enlargement process upon fulfilling the membership criteria by applicant countries;
  • Stressing the importance of the integration process as a catalyst in moving forward with key and bold reforms, and the massive support this process enjoys in

the Albanian population;

  • Recognizing the important role that Albania plays in the peace and stability in the region;

1.Welcomes the unanimous adoption by the Albanian Parliament of the constitutional change related to the judicial reform and urges that all ensuing legislation is adopted in the same spirit;

2.Expects a swift implementation of this reform to the benefit of the Albanian citizens;

3.Regrets the unilateral acts taken by the government at the expense of political consensus, undermining the serious efforts made by the EU to establish a qualitative, durable, and all inclusive political dialogue, as a key precondition to European Integration of Albania;

4.Recalls that Albania is heading for Parliamentary elections due in June 18 this year, a key benchmark to opening the accession negotiations with the European Union;

5. Calls on all parties, the governing majority and the opposition to address without delay the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations, and to the government to ensure that elections are held in line with European standards; emphasizes that vote-buying acts, as evidenced in partial and local elections, is incompatible with European standards.

6.Expresses its serious concern on the Government failure to implement the “Decriminalization Law” related to public offices, as a clear sign of lack of political will to break ties with crime, and calls for an immediate action to fulfilling this key priority, a precondition also for free and fair elections;

7.Deplores the dramatic increase of cannabis cultivation and trafficking during last year, and the failure of the government authorities and relevant agencies to fight criminal gangs behind it. The fight against organized crime and drugs is a key priority to opening accession negotiations.

8.Fully supports the Democratic Party of Albania, and its committed efforts to affirmative political dialogue and resolute action; and notes that proper and consensual implementation of the justice reform is very important for the people of Albania and for the country’s advancement towards the EU.