EP sees the referendum as a solution for the reform in the Albanian judicial system

EP sees the referendum as a solution for the reform in the Albanian judicial system

Tirana, 19 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

In Brussels, the Foreign Committee of the European Parliament has discussed today the reform in the judicial system that Albanian authorities are trying to finalize. The members of the committee have identified gridlocks in the process and a risk of failure due to the disputes between majority and opposition.

Under these circumstances, EP representatives call upon both sides to approve the reform, otherwise there will be problems.

“The judicial reform has been recently discussed in Albania. This is important for the negotiations with the EU and next year, there will also be elections in Albania.

There’s been hesitation as far as the reform in the judicial system is concerned.  After July 21 we will see how developments evolve. If the reform is delayed, this would be unacceptable for us. In the hours to come, Albania must finalize this. There can be no more delays. An agreement has been reached, but nothing is sure. We have send a clear message, because this reform is very important”, said the European commissioner, Elmar Brok.

Meanwhile, Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn said that the reform in justice must be approved before Parliament ends its session for the holidays, because, as he said, there’s no time to be wasted.

Meanwhile he warned that referendum remains the last solution of Thursday’s voting on 21 July fails. “It would be a negative thing if the reform is not approved. If a decision is not taken, a referendum may be held, as 90% of the population is in favor of the reform”, Mr. Hahn said. /balkaneu.com/