Environmental tax for every ship anchored in Albanian ports

Environmental tax for every ship anchored in Albanian ports

Tirana, 30 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Starting from 2016, every ship which is anchored in Albanian ports, will pay a charge, as an effort of the Albanian government to avoid sea pollution in the Albanian sea.

Ministry of Environment says that the main scope is to protect sea by reducing wastes on sea caused by ships during the use of ports in the Republic of Albania.

According to this decision, every ship anchored in an Albanian port, delivers all the wastes caused by the ship before leaving the port.

After consulting with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Transport will make sure that the costs for the port receiving installations for the wastes created by ships, including their treatment and removal, will be covered by collecting an environmental tax which ships and other vessels must pay for the wastes.

Licensed operators who will be contracted by the Sea General Directorate, must hold the necessary capacities to withdraw the amount and types of wastes created by ships that use the port where they will anchor, taking into account the functional needs of port users, the size and geographic position of the port and guarantee the treatment of these wastes in their certified and licensed plants based on the environmental legislation in power and standards allowed by the EU.

Officially, no figures have been given on this new tax which will be applied for ships that will enter Albanian ports. /ibna/