Former environment minister leaves her party

Former environment minister leaves her party


By Natasa Radic – Zagreb

After months of dispute over the establishment of the National Agency for national parks with her successor at the helm of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Mihael Zmajlovic, the former minister and socialdemocrat MP Mirela Holy, a charismatic politician of the younger generation, decided to leave her party.

In March she announced that she would leave the party if the Ministry of Environmental Protection does not incorporate a provision establishing the Agency for the national parks and thus to comply with the Plan 21 of SDP-led coalition – a plan that was the platform of their election victory.

A few days ago Mirela Holy  said in the Parliament that without the establishment of a National park agency, Croatia may not be able to meet the targets set by the EU. Minister of Environmental Protection Mihael Zmajlovic answered her that the experts have estimated that the reform will be faster and have more results by improving the existing system, not forming the new agency. She disagreed.

Former minister Holy warned that it is a political, not a professional decision. In the individual hearing on the bill on the protection of nature, Holy, who submitted 14 amendments, said that if the things stay as they are, Croatia will only formally protect nature and therefore likely soon pay penalties for failure to comply with EU directives.

– I hope that the Government will accept my amendments and demonstrate its political credibility and seriousness towards the implementation of the obligations – said Holy. But the government did not accept her amendments.

After the session, Mirela Holy confirmed to the media that she send the email to the Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic to inform him that she is withdrawing from the ruling SDP. According to her words, the prime minister wrote the text message, saying that he was sorry to see her leave the party.