Entity prime ministers hold meeting in Banja Luka

Entity prime ministers hold meeting in Banja Luka

RS Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic said on Wednesday in Banja Luka that the arrangement with the IMF is on power but there is still no tranche because BiH and its entities governments did not fulfill all the conditions which demand this financial institution.

During a pause of the meeting with the Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH, Fadil Novalić, Cvijanovic told reporters  that the arrangement with the IMF was the issue of discussion of two entity PMs.

“RS delegation on the meeting have informed Novalić that RS has met all the IMF requirements in December last year. From him we received assurances that in the Federation of BiH the work will be completed and that it is in the final stage”, Cvijanovic said.

She added that one of the topics, on which there is still no agreement, was the allocation of funds from the excise tax on fuel and that  this problem must be resolved as soon as possible. To date, RS has not agreed that the money collected in this way flows into the joint account from which would be allocated to the entities and District Brcko.

RS Prime Minister said that delegations at the meeting discussed a number of issues that are important to both entities such as the situation in the railways, and effects of labor laws and public administration law which have previously been adopted in parliaments.

Novalic, in his address to the press, emphasized that the meeting of two entity prime ministers has become common practice, and that it is a technical meeting which must be held regardless of the political crisis in the country.

“You need to know that the system of decision-making in the Federation BiH is more complicated than in the RS, because there are two parliament houses in which the law has to pass and there is also the canton level. That’s why things are taking place in the Federation of BiH slower than in the RS”, Novalic said.

He added that in some cases, the Federation BiH Government sends its experts to Banja Luka to see how RS Government solved some issue and adapt them for use in this entity. Also, he said, it is common practice from the other side.

Entity PMs also agreed that a last, as they pointed out, joint session of the two governments will take place. The session is preparing for a long time but still there was no exact date. Cvijanovic said that it could be the 28th February or March 9 and ministers will discuss issues relevant to both entities.

During the meeting in Banja Luka entities delegations discussed the issue of the construction of the motorway from Sarajevo to Belgrade and the route for this road./IBNA