Energy fair „ENERGA 2014“opens today

Energy fair „ENERGA 2014“opens today


By Zenon Marković – Sarajevo

ENERGA 2014, an International specialized energy fair was opened today in Tuzla. Along with the fair, which will last from June 10th to June 13th, a conference will be held, titled „Energa“. These are events that for the fourth year now attract a lot of attention from businessmen, energy experts and representatives from all levels of authority.

The fair was pronounced open by Nermin Nikšić, the premier of Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

„It is an honor and a pleasure to be present here, for the fourth year, at the ENEGRA fair, which every year gains more in significance and quality and represents one of the most important congresses of this kind in the region. This fact is approved by a large number of participants and guests. The fair is a big event not only for Tuzla, but for Bosnia & Herzegovina and for that we need to thank the organizers of the fair who succeed in making such an event despite numerous problems that they face”, said premier Nikšić.

In his speech he stated that in the following period it is expected for Bosnia & Herzegovina to realize strategic projects in the energy sector, from which the whole B&H society will have multiple benefits.

The Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H has been, from the beginning of this project, providing support for the reason of its full justification of emphasizing the importance of the energy sector of B&H through presentation forms like ENERGA fair and conference.

“The energy potential is among the biggest, but still not used enough natural riches of our country. B&H strives to use all the benefits of renewable energy sources which is evident in numerous examples of projects and construction, especially solar power plants. Investing in renewable energy sources provides B&H with the perspective and an opportunity of further development of industrial production and international connections and cooperation”, said Momir Tošić, the director of macroenergetics sector of the Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H, a partner of the fair.

What separates ENERGA from similar events in the region is the program concept by which it is organized. In the past years ENERGA fair has confirmed itself as a successful and attractive international fair of energy and as one of more significant and successful business manifestations in the area of energy in Bosnia & Herzegovina and the region.

“We are sure that the prepared program content of this-year’s fair and conference will represent useful and attractive events that will gather and increase awareness of various participants from business and science, directly or indirectly affiliated with the energy sector”, said Zlatko Alidžanović, the president of the Tuzla Fair administration.

This year’s fair gathered 28 exhibitors that represent more than 60 business subjects coming from eight countries of the wider region. These are respectable domestic and foreign institutions from the energy sector.

The fair will be held in SKPC „Mejdan“, and on the first day the doors to the fair will be open only for business-related visits. Visits from the public are planned for June 12th-13th, and all the income from the tickets will be donated to humanitarian purposes.

The three day Energa conference will be held in the congress venues of Hotel Tuzla from June 10th-12th.

Partners of the fair are the Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H, Tuzla Municipality, Government of Tuzla Canton and the Mining Institute of Tuzla. Patron of the fair is the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry of Federation of B&H.

Patron of the conference is the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H. Co-organized by USAID – Firma project, and sponsored by UNDP and Schneider Electric.