Endangered Security Situation in Tuzla

Endangered Security Situation in Tuzla


By Nevena Šarenac – Sarajevo

The Tuzla municipal council held today a special session concerning the deterioration of safety in the Tuzla Canton.

The reason for the organization of this meeting was the deadly shooting that took place on Saturday around 21:00 in front of the Titanic building, in the immediate vicinity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) of Tuzla Canton in Tuzla, where one person died, and three people were seriously injured.

During the deadly shooting, Emir Džinić (41) was killed, close friend of Mersed  Hadžić (Mirso Švicarac), while employee of the Security Agency “Flek” Denis Rahmanović (28) was seriously injured, and Mirso’s cousin Amir (29) ad Nail Hodžić (34).

“Citizens and the executive government were outraged. The deadly shooting in Tuzla is an act of aggression’’, said the mayor of Tuzla municipality Jasmin Imamović.

He requested for the competent authorities, police and prosecution to immediately do their jobs, and better working conditions are requested from higher officials.

“It is necessary to fill the systemization of the prosecution and police, so that the perpetrators of this crime could be arrested, prosecuted and convicted as soon as possible’’, said Mayor Imamović. He added that after the tragic event on Saturday, the security situation in Tuzla has been significantly compromised.

He said that the municipal council of Tuzla condemned today the policy of pardons, penal policy and policy enforcement of sanctions.

“Perpetrators, already sentenced to prison, are released on weekends. Obviously, this upsets people’’, said Imamović.

He noted that legal punishments should be more severe when the life and health of people is endangered.

“It is necessary to break the chains of the arms trade, and those who illegally possess weapons deserve the harshest punishment. We request a review of the existing permits to carry weapons’’, said the Mayor of Tuzla.

Councilor of the Bosnian Party Mirnes Ajanović demanded accountability of judicial institutions and announced the possibility of the councilors joining the protests in order to protect the citizens of this city.

At the session the report on the shooting in Tuzla was discussed, and the request for judicial institutions to prioritize prosecution and sanctioning of a maximum prison sentence for all cases that endanger the public safety of citizens regarding the use of firearms.