The employment fund is a promise not delivered by Mustafa’s government

The employment fund is a promise not delivered by Mustafa’s government

Pristina, 19 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

More than 1,2 billion Euros, which have been collected from the Kosovo Pension Savings Trust and Privatization Fund, are not being exploited for the economic development of the country.

The idea that was launched in the recent elections to create an employment and intensive trust through these funds, has not been applied by the current government.

The negligence of the government has been criticized by the leader of Self Determination, Dardan Sejdiu, saying that the government of Kosovo doesn’t plan on using the money of the Trust and Privatization.

The vice chairman of the largest opposition party, Dardan Sejdiu says that in the months following the creation of the government, there’s been a failure in creating the intensive fund and the employment fund.

This minister of Finance, Avdulla Hoti has reacted about this.

He says that as soon as the Kosovo Agency of Privatization is formed, the government of Kosovo will receive from this independent institution an amount of money.

Hoti also talked about the development fund, which according to him, the government of Kosovo plans on using a part of the money of the Pension Trust in capital projects.

The opening of new jobs has been a big electoral promise by PDK and LDK in the last general elections, but so far, this promise has not been delivered. /ibna/