Electoral campaign for the early parliamentary elections to kick off today

Electoral campaign for the early parliamentary elections to kick off today

Pristina, May 28, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The ten day electoral campaign for the early parliamentary elections of June 8 has kicked off today in Kosovo.

According to the Central Election Commission, 18 political parties, 7 civil incentives, 1 independent candidate and 4 coalitions will race for the 120 seat parliament of Kosovo.

A group of CEC members have signed a request not to allow posters from candidates or political parties during the electoral campaign, for environmental reasons.

CEC has decided not to allow the posters of  candidate MPs and political parties for the early parliamentary elections expected to be held on June 8.

Parties also start today their rallies and meetings for the early parliamentary elections.

Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) and Incentive for Kosovo decided to start the campaign in Pristina, Self Determination in Prizren, while the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo in the city of Pec

Acting prime minister, Hashim Thaci has called on political actors in the country to hold a quiet campaign.

“I demand from the structures of the Democratic Party of Kosovo and demand from leaders of other political parties to ask our supporters to control their emotions and hold a calm electoral campaign, by cultivating the spirit of pluralism, tolerance and understanding. All parties must avoid the language of hatred, insults and defamation and comply with the Electoral Code and respect the convictions of political opponents”, suggests Mr. Thaci.

He has also invited parties to hold a constructive campaign, base debates on concrete issues which serve the interests of the citizens and not to degrade into personal attacks.

“It’s time for us, as a political elite, to testify and compete with clear visions, with well studied programs and processed political platforms, that are in the best interest of the people and our state”, said Thaci. /ibna/