Elections in Kosovo must be free and democratic, says the French ambassador

Elections in Kosovo must be free and democratic, says the French ambassador

Pristina, May 19, 2013/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

French ambassador to Kosovo, Maryse Daviet says that the country must work in order to hold free and democratic elections. Mrs. Daviet says that the standards of the early parliamentary elections which will be held on June 8 must be similar to the local government elections.

“It’s important to hold free and democratic elections, the same as in the local government elections. Being a diplomat, I cannot address to political parties, but I can say that I would like citizens of Kosovo, including minorities, to take this opportunity to elect their preferred ones”, said today ambassador Daviet.

Mrs. Daviet made these comments today in the conference “Foreign policy of France on Kosovo”, hosted by the Group for Legal and Political Studies and the Council of Pristina for Foreign Relations.

The members of the panel recommended for France to offer its contribution in normalizing relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

Ambassador Daviet has mentioned the talks of Rambouillet, the request of Kosovo for the EU candidate status, the recognition of Kosovo and dialogue with Serbia and the processes which France has constantly supported.

She said that the talks between Kosovo and Serbia have marked the greatest development in the last 50 years. Ambassador Daviet said that France also backs the liberalization of the visa regime.

Qendrim Gashi, professor at the University of Pristina, has focused on policies that Kosovo must show toward France. Gashi said that economic exchanges would contribute in the relations between the states.

“Economic cooperation is an aspect which affects cooperation of Kosovo with France. This has also been mentioned in the meeting between president Jahjaga and Holland. They said that this kind of cooperation must be boosted even more. We are involved in exchanges, but these exchanges must grow”, said Dr. Gashi.

The head of the Council of Pristina for Foreign Relations, Engjellushe Morina, mentioned several recommendations, according to which France, as an EU member country, must continue to support Kosovo on the normalization of relations with Serbia. Morina said that France must impose conditions for the integration of Serbia and along with Kosovo, to continue and support the liberalization of visas. /ibna/