There are no elections without decriminalization, says Albanian opposition

There are no elections without decriminalization, says Albanian opposition

Tirana, 10 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

The Albanian opposition says that there can be no elections in the country without the decriminalization of power. During a meeting with DP’s supporters in Tirana, the leader of this party, Lulzim Basha says that “the criminalization of the state by Edi Rama and Saimir Tahiri preceded to the fact that Albania turned into a warehouse of narcotics”.

Leader Lulzim Basha was determined in his warning that “without implementing the most important reform in the country, the law on decriminalization, we cannot move forward and there can be no elections and other normal processes”.

Mr. Basha accused Prime Minister Rama that he’s trying to buy the votes of the Albanian people in the next elections with drug money and money coming from the industry of wastes.

“The reason why Edi Rama has chosen to forge an alliance with crime, drugs and the mob of wastes, relates to his bad governance and the inability to face the citizens in free and honest elections. Edi Rama’s plan is to purchase the vote of the citizens with money from crime, drugs and wastes. He is planning on not facing any responsibility for not keeping any promises and for causing more poverty and unemployment”, Mr. Basha said.

According to the democrat leader, in the three years that socialists have been in power, citizens have seen more poverty and unemployment. /